Minehead and District Choral Society was founded in 1931.

We currently have over 80 members and enjoy rehearsing and performing a wide range of music, led by our Musical Director, Marcus Capel and accompanied by Sue Donovan.

We are regularly joined by professional soloists and orchestras.

We rehearse at St Michael's Church, Alcombe on a Tuesday evening from 7.30 - 9.15pm.


For further information, please contact the secretary, Penny Brown



 Officers and Committee

 President:                 Jill Strong                   Chairman:                     Gordon Niccolls                              

Musical Director:        Marcus Capel            Treasurer:                     Val Stuart                                

Secretary:                  Penny Brown             Librarian:                       Audrey Beach                       

M.M. Rep.:                 Jackie Butterworth     Minute Secretary:         Penny Brown

Accompanist:             Sue Donovan 

Committee:                Dot Niccolls  , Rita Cramp, Mully Woolmer , Tim Edmonds  

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Notes from Our Esteemed President:

Golden Rules for Choral Singing:

  • Everyone should sing the same piece
  • Take your time turning pages
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have perfect pitch – you may find singing less stressful without it
  • The right note at the wrong time is the wrong note
  • The wrong note at the right time is still a wrong note
  • A wrong note sung timidly is still a wrong note
  • A wrong note sung with authority is an interpretation
  • If you happen to sing a wrong note give a nasty look to one of your neighbours
  • If everyone gets lost except you follow those who get lost
  • If a passage is difficult slow it down. If its easy speed it up. Everything will work itself out in the end.
  • Markings for slurs, dynamics, ornaments and breathing should be ignored. They are only there to embellish the score
  • And finally When everyone else has finished singing you should not sing any notes you may still have left 

A Recommendation from our Librarian: 
Top Ten Tips on how to be the perfect singer this year

1. Never disagree with your choral director

2. Never be late for choir practice

3. Never get a cold

4. Never forget your pencil

5. Never have beans for lunch

6. Never have a different score from everyone else

7. Never get the giggles

8. Never book your holiday on the date of the concert

9. Never pretend you know your words and notes

10. Always agree with your choral director 

1st April News

A new health and safety white paper is currently being drawn up stating choirs will require their singers to sign a special contract to ensure they are aware singing could lead to the following:

Sore Back - from standing too long

Sore Eyes - from reading in poor light

Sore Brain - from learning their notes (not applicable to those who use ChoraLine)

Sore Mouth - from smiling at the conductor

Sore Bottom - from sitting too long while the tenors do their hair

Sore Feet - from getting them wet on the way to rehearsal

Sore Throat - from not having a drink break because it took so long for the Altos to stop chatting

Sore Ears - from standing too close to the Bass section

Sore Nose - from sniffing during a Requiem

Sore Shoulder - from holding the Carmina Burana Score

Sore Elbows - from nudging generally

Sore Fingers - from pretending to write notes

Extra Sore Bottom - from sitting even longer while the Sopranos do their hair

Sore Hands - from clapping & clapping & clapping

Sore Stomach - from laughing and having fun

Sorely Missed - when no more choir until next term!




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